The Kumari…A living Goddess.

We, the people around the world have lots of believes and follow different faiths. There are many to choose from. Most of us believe in the idea of God. God as an entity, an invisible force that helps us in the journey of life. God who protects us without showing himself. Most of the religious groups have their own incarnation of the almighty. But rarely can we ever account for a living God.

While my stay in Nepal, I learned about a faith and sect of people who believe in a Living Goddess. A living human to have attained the power and respect to be worshiped as a Goddess. The Kumari. The Kumari is such a form of The Living Goddess.

Kumari is an reincarnation of the Goddess, more commonly known as Taleju Bhawani. She is a Young girl yet to attain her puberty. She is believed to be the Goddess in a living and breathing form. She is worshiped by some of the Hindus and Buddhists sect of people. But not by all. the Tibetan Buddhists especially.

Kumaris are young gils chosen by the high priests who Check for the 32 signs of being a Goddess, ‘Battis Lakshan’ more commonly known. It goes from flawless skin to appropriate behavior.She must not be afraid if the dark. She must be polite and least aggressive and more such traits that she has to possess. Young girls appointed as potential Kumaris are studied by the Head Priest. After a series of various tests , a girl is finally chosen as the Kumari.

Now her reign will begin until the day she reaches puberty. During the times of Monarchs in Nepal, the crucial task of appointing the Kumari was a duty of the King and Queen.After becoming a democratic country , this duty was passed  on to the Head Priest.

The Kumari now has to leave her hometown, her parents , her friends , everything that was familiar to her life before becoming a Goddess. Her life will change forever. She will now live with a family of the Head Priest in order to train and become a befitting Goddess.

What really intrigued my mind was the mind of that little girl. What must have gone through her mind. What she must have felt after realizing her life changing event. What she must have felt leaving her family and loved ones behind and move on to a life completely unknown and so different from girls her age.

That unimaginable strength of leaving behind everything must be the power that she possesses. That strength is what makes her a True Goddess. Leaving a world known to for a life unknown to her. Having this courage to take and withstand such a leap is what makes her a Goddess. And doing this makes her truly worthy to be worshiped.




via Daily Prompt: Luck

As a prompt thought, it is often said that luck favors people. Luck is essential to get by in life.

It is seen so often that most of the misfortunes are blamed of luck…a non entity. I guess it is done because this way it is easier.

I guess if I am worthy enough,someday luck will look my way as well and pass its blessings to me. But until that day , luck and I are strangers that are yet to cross path.

Guhayeshwari – The unseen Goddess

I recently concluded my trip to The country of Nepal. Getting the glimpse of the majestic Himalayas was an out of the world experience. It simply incomparable. But there was something more to Nepal that intrigued me. Its Temples.

Nepal has many temples from different faiths. Being a hindu and an enthusiast for hindu mythology, the hindu temples intrigued me more. One temple in particular. The Guhayeshwari temple.

It is said that Guhayeshwari temple is a Shakti Peeth. A place where the bodily remains of Goddess Sati, the first consort of Lord Shiva fell. Sati had jumped into the holy fire upon not being able to withstand hearing insults about her husband. A grief stricken Shiva performed the Tandav Nritya (the destructive dance ) on being enraged. To calm him down, the body of the Goddess was scattered in different places which are now known as the shakti peeths. Guhayeshwari is such a peeth.

Guha means a cave, a secret place and Eshwari means Goddess. She is the secret, unseen Goddess sitting beside husband in silence. Sitting besides the Pashupati nath temple, it is often easy to miss this temple. But there she is. Sitting silently beside her other half so as not to disturb him from doing his worldly duties.

She is the other half of universe. She is The power of mother Nature. She is nature. The ultimate shakti, the power. Yet she is silent, secret and unseen.

Amidst the day to day chaos we tend to miss out on the things that matter. The things we fail to see and acknowledge. The small facts that make us who we are. To see the unseen.

It was a bittersweet moment for me when I found about her which was concluding my trip. Just like this , one often fails to see, to look and try harder.

To try harder to find that is hidden. To know the unknown in order to gain knowledge. To try and find oneself. To find me.